Once you've applied, you'll receive an email invite from admissions asking you to submit your portfolio via My Applications.

For Part 2 entry you need to submit a concise portfolio of work undertaken in your previous architecture course as part of your application.

The portfolio may be any length you consider appropriate to demonstrate your skills, and should show more than one integrated design project, as described below.

The upload will be limited to a maximum of 10MB, so you can include a link to additional work online.

You need to demonstrate Architectural Design, Technology, History and Theory, and Professional Practice through a selection of graphic and modelled work, showing an integrated approach to architectural design.

Integrated design brings together the themes of context/place, programme/brief, structure, technology, and environmental design through the considered development of a conclusive building design.

You should therefore include scaled plans (sections and elevations), 3 dimensional images (internal and external), illustration of the design concept, analytical studies exploring the site and brief, images of models and development work which demonstrate that you have considered structure, construction, and environmental design.

The work must demonstrate the relationship between your proposal and its context. Please present more than one building design project, to help demonstrate your skills through a variety of building types, scales and complexity, in a range of contexts.

Your folio may contain some practice work of your own authorship, in addition to academic project work, if you have spent time in architectural practice. The practice work must clearly indicate your responsibilities and involvement in the work for us to be able to assess your skills against our criteria.

We look forward to viewing your portfolio. If you have any further questions regarding your portfolio, please contact us at architecture-folio@dundee.ac.uk