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TCTU aim to ensure that patient and public interest is at the heart of our clinical research.

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Patient and Public Involvement

Our vision is for all health and social care research to be carried out with people, for people.

It is recognised that when members of the public have a central role the quality, uptake, transparency and impact of health and social care research is improved. When patients contribute to research into a condition that affects them, the relevance and value of the research increases.

Patient and public involvement (PPI) enables patients and the public to be involved in all stages of research: the design, set-up, recruitment, analysis and knowledge sharing. PPI is rewarding, mutually beneficial and creates learning opportunities for involved patients, members of the public and researchers.

PPI activities can include:

  • Developing research priorities in a specific disease area
  • Research funding applications
  • Research design and protocol development
  • Study management through membership on clinical trial committees
  • Designing patient information sheets for research participants
  • Interviewing research participants to gain feedback on the patient experience
  • Creating study-specific websites in an accessible and understandable format to target the research populations for recruitment, study updates and results communications
  • Joining a group or panel to provide advice for researchers
  • Training new researchers how to involve patients and members of the public
  • Driving forward health and social care research at a local, national and international level

If you would like to be involved, ask any questions or speak to us about PPI, please contact our PPI Lead, Dr Gillian Martin on