Completed Trials at TCTU

We have highlighted some of our completed trials, to demonstrate breadth of disciplines TCTU has worked across and the range of support TCTU can provide.

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Name Description Further information


Research to test the effectiveness of a new anti-inflammatory drug, Brensocatib, to improve symptoms and reduce hospitalisation for people with COVID-19.  


Testing and treating people receiving methadone for Hepatitis C in community pharmacies. REACH trial information


Investigating the best way to provide treatment for people who inject drugs infected with Hepatitis C virus.

ADVANCE trial information


Understanding barriers to increasing physical activity in chronic pain. SUSSED trial information


Leucine and ACE inhibitors as therapies for sarcopenia: a two by two factorial randomised placebo-controlled trial.

LACE trial information


Assessing the readability of pre-biopsy MRI in correctly predicting the grade and aggressiveness of prostate cancer in 600 men. MULTIPROS trial information


Randomised controlled pilot to identify people with iron deficiency who do not respond to oral iron supplementation. RAINDroP trial information


Eradicate Hepatitis C Virus: A pilot of treatment as prevention in active drug users. ERADICATE Hep C trial information


Pharmacy-led HCV therapy versus conventional treatment pathways for HCV positive patients receiving daily OST.

SuperDOT-C trial information

ECLS Study

The largest randomised trial conducted using biomarkers for the early detection of lung cancer, in over 12,000 Scottish high-risk smokers. ECLS study information


Assessing the efficacy of sodium bicarbonate in 300 older people with chronic kidney disease.

BiCARB trial information


Microwave Therapy for the treatment of pre-cancerous Actinic Keratosis.

MTAK trial information


Investigating Vitamin K supplementation to improve balance in older people – and reduce the risk of falls.

K-SWAY trial information


Investigating if Vitamin K therapy can improve vascular health in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.

K4Kidneys trial information


Online trial examining if prescribing asthma controller medication according to genotype improves quality of life in young people with asthma. PACT trial information


Investigating whether allopurinol can improve muscle strength and endurance in older people. ALFIE trial information
ALTERED Does allopurinol regress left ventricular hypertrophy in end stage renal disease? ALTERED trial information


A pilot evaluation of a synergistic liver diagnostic pathway: Making sense of LFTs for patients, GPs and the NHS in Scotland. Intelligent Liver Function Testing.

Award winning trial:

  • Innovation Award at the Scottish Health Awards 2019
  • Innovation in Practice Gold Award at the STAR Awards 2019
  • NHS Tayside Innovation Award at the Excellence in Patient Care Awards 2019
  • Royal College of Physicians Finalist in BMJ Digital Innovation Award


Large European Union trial studying the long-term safety in ADHD treatment. ADDUCE trial information


Investigate the short term effects of an AKT inhibitor on breast cancer. STAKT trial information


Evaluate the effect of a tailored behavioural change intervention comprising CBT and graded exercise on participation (as measured by the DM1-Activ scale) for severely fatigued patients with myotonic dystrophy type 1 compared to standard care. OPTIMISTIC trial information


Evaluate the effect of a tailored behavioural change intervention comprising CBT and graded exercise on participation (as measured by the DM1-Activ scale) for severely fatigued patients with myotonic dystrophy type 1 compared to standard care. PREFACE trial information


Investigating whether abdominal massage can help improve the symptoms of neurogenic bowel dysfunction in people with multiple sclerosis. AMBER trial information


Investigating whether metformin, that is known to reduce insulin demand in type 2 diabetes (T2D), can do the same in children at risk of type 1 diabetes. adAPT trial information


British Heart Foundation trial investigating whether allopurinol can regress left ventricular hypertrophy in patients with treated essential hypertension. ALLAY trial information


Investigating if Vitamin D supplementation can improve Hepatitis C cure rates. ViaDUCT trial information


Research into the effects of SGLT2 inhibition on left ventricular remodelling in patients with heart failure and diabetes mellitus. REFORM trial information
ALPHA British Heart Foundation trial investigating if allopurinol can reduce right ventricular mass in lung disease associated pulmonary hypertension. ALPHA trial information
HAP What is the most effective method for providing orthodontic anchorage? A randomised clinical trial of Headgear, AbsoAnchor mini-screws, and palatal arch. HAP trial information
ACES Can an arts based creative engagement intervention following stroke improve psychosocial outcomes? ACES trial information
FFIT A gender-sensitive weight loss and healthy living programme delivered to men aged 35-65 by Scottish Premier League (SPL) football clubs. FFIT trial information
PIRFICT A podiatry intervention to reduce falls in care home residents. PIRFICT trial information
SPIR-OA The effect of spironolactone on pain in older people with osteoarthritis. SPIR-OA trial information
VESUVIUS Vascular effects of regular cigarettes versus electronic cigarette use. VESUVIUS trial information
GOAL Can eliciting and addressing health-related goals improve asthma control and asthma-related quality of life? GOAL trial information
Game of Stones A research study that texts men to help them lose weight. Game of Stones trial information
SKIP-IT Text intervention as an aid to smoking cessation in pregnant women. SKIP-IT trial information
ALL ACS Allopurinol as a possible new therapy for acute coronary syndrome. ALL ACS trial information
DAPA-LVH Does dapaglifozin regress left ventricular hypertrophy in patients with type 2 diabetes? DAPA-LVH trial information
ActWELL A randomised control trial to assess the impact of a lifestyle intervention in women invited to NHS breast screening. ActWELL trial information
CUBS Development and feasibility study to compare cue-based versus scheduled feeding for preterm infants transitioning from tube to oral feeding in neonatal units. CUBS trial information