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My favourite places in Dundee

Student Danila shares her favourite spots to visit in the city.

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I have been in Dundee for three and a half years now and as a result, I have been exploring more of what the city has to offer. It has been a joy to find all the ways to grow my hobbies, as well as get some much-needed stress relief from the challenging course I am on. I am eager to share them all!

Highlander Games

I am a massive geek. I love playing board games with my friends as it is a great way to chat and hangout without feeling the pressure to drink or to hold a conversation. Highlander Games is a small shop and board game café where you can explore the local games community. You can buy the latest games, chat with incredibly knowledgeable staff and if you join their discord, you can also join groups for different games.

My personal favourite is the café. The staff let you host events, make great effort to get to know you and make coffee and chai lattes that are to die for. Overall, it is a lovely and welcoming environment that has become my favourite spot to spend my free time in.


I am a massive book worm and always have been. Personally, I find the local library to be a lot less accessible for leisurely reading, so Waterstones is where I go to get a little treat for a job well done on a project.

They have a great café on the top floor where you can bring a book and spend some time reading or doing uni work. I highly recommend their mini red velvet cake! They have great sales and deals on books, including a regular buy one get one half price on a decent collection. They also have a student loyalty card where you can accumulate points and get a free book every now and again.

Blend at Dock Street Studios

Aside from being a great hangout and study spot, they often put on live music and have hosted other events in the past. It is worth checking out for any coffee lover - my personal favourite is the Toffee Latte Macchiato.

George Orwell

I left most of my drinking habits in second year. As much as I loved every minute of having a thriving social life, working on my Honours Project for the Degree Show has taken priority. One thing I miss is live music and generally seeing more of my friends.

George Orwell is a great student pub on Perth Road. They put on live music the first Tuesday of every month which really brings the place to life. Admittedly, I am biased as it is a venue that I have played with my own band! But either way, it’s a very artsy, cosy bar, and the drinks prices won’t break the bank! 

Danila Petrova

Originally from Bulgaria, studied Digital Interaction Design.

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