Medieval & Early Modern Scotland c. 1100 to 1707 Module

School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

In collaboration with The Open University, this course examines the history of Scotland from c.1100 until the Union of Parliaments

Date of entry

September 2024

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Monday 16 September 2024
10 months (part time)

Taught in collaboration with The Open University, Modern Scottish History, 1707-1997 examines the political, religious, social and cultural history of Scotland from c.1100 until the Union of Parliaments.

This was a fascinating and complex period marked by the emergence, from a disparate range of competing Early Middle Ages peoples and their leaders, of a single kingdom of Scotland. This course traces Scotland’s story through the introduction of Anglo-Norman forms of civil and ecclesiastical organisation and social and economic systems in the twelfth century, the aggressive expansionism of the thirteenth century, to the great struggle with England, in the Wars of Independence of c.1296-c.1357.

Also covered in this module is the development of the kingdom until c.1513 under one of the longest-reigning dynasties of late medieval and early modern Europe, the Stewarts. Moving into the early modern period, many medieval certainties were shed: the Reformation saw the legislative rejection of Catholicism and the end of the ‘auld alliance’ with France. The union of the crowns of Scotland and England under James VI and I in 1603 ended centuries of Anglo-Scottish enmity.

The seventeenth century witnessed the beginnings of truly British history with revolution against Charles I spreading from Scotland to Ireland and England, followed by conquest by Cromwell, revolution against James VII and the prospect of closer union with England. This course traces Scotland’s story through both chronological and thematic approaches, looking at political, religious, social, economic and cultural issues.

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