French (Intensive)

School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

Jump start your French language with our intensive course. Study from home, and learn the basics up to Scottish Higher and beyond.

Start date
Monday 1 January 2024
25 weeks (part time)
Revision courses available in May 2024

If you missed the start of this course, but have some experience with French, take a look at our 10 week French (Revision) course

Our 25 week Intensive Courses are intended for those wishing to jump-start a language.

You would normally be expected to have some basic knowledge of the language you want to study, but if you are a competent linguist and are willing to dedicate sufficient time (approximately 4 to 5 hours per week), then you could start from scratch.

These are flexible courses which you study from home, and will take you from the basics up to the equivalent of SQA Higher and beyond.

If you complete the course satisfactorily you will receive a Certificate of Course Completion and 20 SCQF credits.

These courses are often taken by people wishing to take the Graduate Diploma who lack the necessary qualifications.

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