Research project

Transitions through Education

This collection of articles aims to address key gaps in educational transitions research literature, leading to new perspectives and the identification of recommendations for further research, policy and practice.

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Start date

March 2020

Completion date

March 2020

Dr Beth Hannah and Professor Divya Jindal-Snape are guest editors of a Research Topic for the journal Frontiers in Education. Frontiers journals cover more than 600 academic disciplines. The idea behind the Research Topic concept is that of bringing together a selection of peer-reviewed articles around a related theme.

Children and young people experience a number of normative transitions, including the transition to early years establishments all the way through to post-compulsory education, training and employment. These transitions are significant life experiences for the children, young people, young adults, their families and professionals. These transitions lead to new experiences for these people and thus offer opportunities to grow and develop as individuals, including cognitive, social, intellectual, and emotional facets. Changes associated with these transitions include differences in the physical, social and curricular environments. Individuals find ways to navigate and adapt to these changes over time with support from significant others in their lives, e.g., family members, teachers, peers.

Given the importance of these transition experiences, this collection of articles will aim to address key gaps in the literature, leading to new perspectives and the identification of recommendations for policy, practice and further research.


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Dr Beth Hannah

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Frontiers in Education