Public engagement project

Multiple and Multi-dimensional Primary-Secondary School Transitions

Using drama to facilitate transitions

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Start date

September 2023

Completion date

September 2023

Implemented in one Scottish local authority, this longitudinal study’s purpose was to understand how drama might support young people and their significant others’ multiple and multi-dimensional primary-secondary school transitions (Jindal-Snape, 2016, MMT theory). Based on the theory and practice of Neelands and Goode (2015), four drama workshops were facilitated in P7 (final year of primary school in Scotland) and one in S1 (first year of secondary school in Scotland). The workshops enabled the pupils and the workshop leaders to work together to establish a dramatised, fictional world where everyone could safely explore their excitement and concerns around the theme of transitions. This comic anthology is based on this work and data collected over three time points.

The comics include verbatim quotes and interpretation of the data.


External team members

  • William Barlow
  • Tony Goode
  • Tricia Tooman
  • Clio Ding (Artist)
  • Monica Burns (Artist)
  • Tasha Leah Santiago (Artist)

Project team

Dr Beth Hannah