Date of entry

September 2024

Application deadline
Deadline date to be confirmed.

If you are only applying to Dundee

Step 1 - complete the Word application form

  • Download the Diploma Application form below
  • Email the completed Diploma Application form to Sophie Harris
  • Please name your document using the format: “DPLP 23-24 Last name, First name.docx”

Step 2 - complete an online application

Any queries, please contact Sophie Harris

If you are applying to more than one University

You should complete the steps above, however you need to also send the Word document form to the contacts at other providers as explained on pages 2-3 of the application form.

If you are applying to Strathclyde (who have a fully online application), you still need to tick the box on the form and include Strathclyde in order of preference on the Word file you send to other universities.

Contact our enquiry team

If you have any questions about the admissions process, studying, or living in Dundee, please contact us

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