Date of entry

September 2023

Due to the increased global demand for infertility treatment, there is growing need for high quality laboratory and clinical staff in this area.

Following successful completion of this course, students could apply for a training position in ART, for example in embryology and/or andrology. Alternatively, the course would prepare graduates for undertaking a PhD or applying for a research position. Clinically qualified graduates would gain valuable skills to enable them to specialise in reproductive medicine and assume responsibility within an ART clinic.

Internship opportunities for outstanding graduates

There may be an opportunity to have short-term internship positions arranged if you meet certain requirements that demonstrate your suitability and are keen to pursue a career in clinical embryology.

We have strong links with IVF units in Turkey, Norway, India and the UK, which have provided routes into the industry for successful graduates. Three of the units are led by past students of this course who are already on exceptional career trajectories of their own.

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