Drug Analysis and Toxicology (part-time) MSc

School of Science and Engineering

Expand your knowledge and understanding of drug analysis and toxicology with this part-time distance course

Start date
September 2024
36 months (part time)

This course is for professionals who work within the disciplines of drugs analysis or toxicology. It aims to allow you to upskill whilst in employment.

The course is relevant to those working in several fields. These include forensic toxicology, forensic drug analysis, clinical settings, workplace drug testing, criminal justice and law enforcement.

The focus will be on professional training developed in line with professional organisations. This will allow you to upskill in areas such as:

  • laboratory and research process management
  • method validation and accreditation
  • scientific communication
  • data analysis and visualisation
  • professional ethics

You will act as co-creators when it comes to assessment. This ensures that the areas focused on reflect the needs of your employment. The use of portfolios will ensure a breadth of knowledge as well.

The course also offers broader employment opportunities than either general forensic science courses or highly specialised forensic toxicology courses. There is also a focus on leadership and networking.

In this course you will:

  • learn about the principles, theories and techniques used in drug analysis and toxicology. This will include :
    • understanding the properties and effects of drugs and toxic substances
    • how these substances are broken down and removed from the body
    • factors that affect their detection and measurement
  • develop advanced analytical skills. You will learn different techniques like chromatography, mass spectrometry, and spectroscopy.
  • develop the skills to design and do independent research projects in drug analysis and toxicology. This includes the ability to make research questions, design experiments, gather and analyse data, and communicate findings well.
  • learn critical thinking skills. You will use them to evaluate scientific literature and data. You will also use them to analyse complex problems.
  • develop good writing and speaking skills. These include the ability to present complex data and information clearly and briefly. This will allow you to share research findings with different audiences.
  • learn the different guidelines and laws for drug analysis and toxicology.

On this course, you will need access to laboratory facilities to conduct your final year research project.

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