Date of entry

August 2024

Due to the increased global demand for infertility treatment, there is a growing need for high quality laboratory, scientific and clinical staff in this area.

Following successful completion of this course you will be in a position to advance your career in a variety of areas within reproductive medicine.

If you are already working in ART, this may allow you to be promoted or extend your established role.

If you are not currently working in ART, you could apply for a training position in ART, for example in embryology and andrology. Clinically qualified graduates would gain valuable skills to enable them to specialise in reproductive medicine and assume responsibility within an ART clinic.

Alternatively, the course would prepare you for undertaking a PhD or applying for a research position.

“The course here really focuses on the clinical part and the science part in a way that it gives you the reality of the IVF clinics in the real world.”

Omar Ammar, MSc Human Clinical Embryology & Assisted Conception graduate

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