Civil Engineering with Marine Renewable Energy (part time) MSc

School of Science and Engineering

Learn about the principles of civil engineering with the exploration and utilisation of renewable energy derived from marine sources

Start date
September 2024
36 months (part time)
Dundee City Campus

This course is also available as Civil Engineering with Marine Renewable Energy MSc

Civil engineering is an engineering discipline that focuses on the design, construction and maintenance of the infrastructure that makes up our modern society. This consists of a wide range of projects such as roads, bridges, buildings and water supply systems. Marine renewable energy is the process of harnessing power from ocean resources, like tides, waves, and currents. It provides sustainable, clean electricity by capturing the energy generated by natural movements in the sea.

Civil engineering with a focus on marine renewable energy integrates the principles of civil engineering with the exploration and utilisation of renewable energy derived from marine sources. This specialised field involves the design and development of structures and systems dedicated to harnessing energy from the sea, particularly through technologies that capture tidal and wave power. 

On this course, your studies will encompass a range of subjects such as:

  • structural analysis and design
  • coastal engineering
  • geotechnical engineering

Additionally, you will also have the opportunity to explore topics such as:

  • environmental considerations
  • project management
  • the regulatory landscape specific to marine renewable energy projects

The interdisciplinary nature of this course equips you with the skills to address the complex engineering issues at the intersection of civil engineering and marine renewable energy. 

This specialised course will focus on the unique challenges and opportunities presented by marine renewable energy, covering topics such as offshore wind farms, tidal and wave energy, and sustainable marine infrastructure.

In Semester 1 you will work on modules specific to marine renewable energy, alongside some optional or conversion modules. In Semester 2, you will focus on the core Civil Engineering modules and any remaining optional or conversion modules. Finally, you will also complete an individual research project. This will be associated with an aspect of marine renewable energy.

It also involves hands-on experiences in designing structures resilient to marine environments and optimising renewable energy systems.

As part of this course, you will have the opportunity to access our dedicated laboratories and resources. This will allow you to foster your hands-on learning and research. These include facilities such as:

  • the University's wave flumes and coastal simulator
  • Geotechnical Centrifuge Modelling Facility
  • the Scottish Marine and Renewables Test (SMART) Laboratory
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