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September 2024

Employers in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries expect their postgraduate recruits to have strong, broad-ranging skills. They're looking for people who have advanced technical and communication skills, are confident team-workers, independent researchers, good project managers and are at the leading edge of their specialism. Our courses will help you develop and refine these skill sets alongside your knowledge of the field.

This can help set you on the path to a career in clinical trial coordination, regulatory affairs, lab management, scientific publishing, or bioscience entrepreneurship. You'll develop the attributes needed to work in small and large multinational companies in the biosciences sphere.

Recent graduates have gone on to work in various roles such as sales representatives, medical writers, intellectual property and commercialisation officers/interns, and marketing leads in a range of companies including:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific (provider of instruments, equipment, software, services and consumables for Life Sciences scientists)
  • Delta Kn (a specialist learning agency dedicated to optimising the capabilities and performance of healthcare audiences globally)
  • University of Dundee
  • Nuchido Time+ (a food supplement company)

Some graduates have also gone on to further academic study including Graduate Entry Medicine courses in Northern Ireland.

Eve Ireland
“I graduated with my master's degree in November 2020 and began my new role with Delta Kn (AMICULUM) as a medical writer/project manager. From day one I have been involved in the creation and management of scientific training content for many well-known pharmaceutical companies. It is a very busy and taxing job, but it is extremely rewarding. ”

Eve Ireland, MSc Biomedical and Molecular Sciences with Business graduate

Portrait of Megan Dawson
“Since graduating, I have become an Account Manager in Genetics at Thermo Fisher Scientific. I am responsible for developing relationships with customers who work in hospitals, academia, Bio Tech companies etc to help make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. The University of Dundee has taught me a lot about becoming a professional and how to conduct myself in a business environment. I have a wealth of knowledge that has prepared me for my career.”

Megan Dawson, MSc Biomedical and Molecular Sciences with Business graduate 2021, from Scotland

Pawat Piyakitcharoen is sitting in a cafe.
“After graduating in 2020, I continued working on my Master’s biobusiness project with Prof Swedlow and Prof Lamond on their spinout creation. I also got introduced to Research and Innovation Services at the University of Dundee, where I initially worked in an internship position for 6 months, and recently continued my position as an IP & Commercialisation Officer. Since then, I have connected with many people, from academics to business investors, and have been able to take the experiences I gained from my Master’s project and the internship to good use.”

Pawat Piyakitcharoen, MSc Biomedical and Molecular Science with Business graduate, from Thailand

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