Date of entry

September 2022

How to apply for this course

Sign up for our direct application system

First of all you will create a temporary user account using your personal details and email address. This temporary user account is only required to complete, save and return to, and then submit your application. You do not need to complete your application in one session. You can return to it later by logging back in using your login details.

Please ensure you use the correct email address when you create your account as this can't be changed until after you have submitted your application to us.

Search for the course you want to apply for

The course name should match the name at the top of this page.

Click or tap the Apply button

If there is more than one apply button, you should click the one next to the date you wish to start your course.

Complete your application

You will need to complete the following information as part of your application:

  • Your home address and contact information, including your personal email address and date of birth
  • Details of the your qualifications, grades and dates (this includes any qualifications you have not yet completed)
  • Details of your English language qualifications, such as IELTS (for non-English speakers)

You don’t need to include the following information with your application now, but you can include it if you have it. Otherwise we will ask you to provide the details later:

  • Upload a copy of your qualifications, English language qualifications
  • For international applicants only - details of your passport and upload a copy of your current passport

If you are working with a recruitment agent, remember to add in their details in the relevant section so that we can link them to your application from the start. This means the emails we send to you will also be copied to your agent’s registered branch email address for information.

You may need some or all of these documents as part of your application, you can check which ones you need for this course on the additional documents page once you start your application.

  • CV
  • academic reference
  • professional reference
  • personal statement


Submit your application

You are also able to apply for more than one course at the University of Dundee at the same time. You can log back in to your temporary user account before you submit your application and make a new application for an additional course, e.g. for a pre-sessional English course.

Application deadline

1 September 2022 at 23:59 (UK time)

You should apply early to avoid disappointment as some courses have limited spaces. If you need a visa to study with us, you should leave enough time before the deadline to organise this.

We will consider late applications at our discretion.

What happens next?

After you have completed and submitted the application, we will send you a confirmation email. We will also send you details of your University of Dundee applicant IT account by email.

Your applicant IT account is different from the account you created to submit your application. Your applicant account will give you access to My Applications on eVision, which is used for tracking your application, uploading documents we ask for, applying for a scholarship, accommodation and so on.

Our offer types

We can make three types of offers of admission and we will inform you of our decision by email:

  • Unconditional - if you have already obtained the necessary entry requirements
  • Conditional - if you still need to obtain the qualifications specified in the offer. If you obtain these, your offer will change to unconditional, meaning you definitely have a place.
  • Rejection - if you are not suitably qualified

Received an offer?

Congratulations! After you receive our offer, we will give you instructions for how to respond. You can either:

  • Accept - if you wish to take up the offer, or
  • Decline - if you no longer want the place

Applicants with disabilities

Information for applicants declaring a disability

Questions? Need help?

Contact our applicant enquiry team

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