Professor Susan Wyllie

Principal Investigator

Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery, School of Life Sciences

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Dr Susan Wyllie has more than 15 years of experience studying kinetoplastid biology. Specifically, her research has focused on determining the mechanisms of action and mechanisms of resistance of drugs targeting kinetoplastid parasites. Her contributions to the research of the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research will include:

  • Using complementary methodologies in the fields of genomics, chemical proteomics and cell biology to determine the modes of action and specific molecular targets of phenotypically-active compounds
  • Developing new genetic and cell biology tools for the study of drug mechanism of action
  •  Functional characterisation of novel targets
  • Developing novel cell-based assays to exploit high value drug targets
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Media availability

I am available for media commentary on my research.

Kinetoplastid Biology

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Areas of expertise

  • Infectious diseases


Award Year
National Sciences Prizes awarded since 1990 / C.A. Wright Memorial Medal 2023
Innovator of the Year 2022