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Dr Seaneen McDougall is a lecturer in human anatomy within CAHID. She holds an Honours BSc in Anatomical Sciences with Developmental Biology, an MSc in Human Identification and a PhD in Anatomy.

Dr McDougall teaches anatomy mainly to MBChB students (Years 1-3) and BDS students (Year 1) and is currently academic anatomy lead on the Reproductive, ENT and Ophthalmology Systems of the MBChB course. She also supervises undergraduate and postgraduate student projects across many of the Centre’s subject areas.

Dr McDougall is enthusiastic about, and contributes to the development of, innovative ways of teaching anatomy within the Centre.


The way in which a cadaver is preserved impacts on the way it can be utilised within the context of anatomical research and teaching.  The Thiel method of embalming produces cadavers with more life-like qualities, when compared to traditional formalin embalming; however there is a distinct paucity of information as to how the method works.  Through histological and biomechanical techniques I have demonstrated that there are clear differences between formalin-fixed and Thiel-fixed skeletal muscle and tendon tissues. This has been useful in developing an understanding of how the Thiel embalming solution affects skeletal muscle and tendon and therefore in trying to identify factors responsible for the flexibility observed in Thiel embalmed cadavers. This research impacts on the ways in which Thiel cadavers should be used in both teaching and research, including their use in the development of surgical prototypes.

I also have a keen interest in anatomical education, particularly anatomical medical education. I have been involved in projects looking at various aspects of anatomical education in a medical context and specifically at the impact of different methods of teaching anatomy.


Scottish Government licensed Teacher of Anatomy

Member of the Anatomical Society

Peer reviewer – Anatomical Sciences Education

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Athena Swan Lead for CAHID and member of University Executive Group for Athena Swan