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Robin M White is an Honorary Research Fellow, after retiring from a Senior Lectureship. He was for a period Associate Dean of the former Faculty of Law and Accountancy. Earlier, he taught in various other institutions; on the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschsdienst Summer School on Modern English Law; as Visiting Lecturer and Examiner for various professional bodies; and he was also a QAA Subject Reviewer. On retirement, he was the first recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Lifetime Contribution to Teaching by the University.

Mr. White was for some years Depute Editor of Scolag Legal Journal, to which he also contributed, and he reported Damages and Nationality and Immigration cases for Scottish Civil Law Reports. In 2003-04 he held a Leverhulme Research Fellowship.

He was a regularly-sitting Justice of the Peace for nearly thirty years, convened the Scottish Justices Association’s Policy and Legislation Committee, and was Vice-Chairman of that Association, and an Appraising Justice. He was also a member of the Judicial Council for Scotland, and of the Advisory Committee of the Judicial Institute for Scotland. Recently, he published a history of law teaching in Dundee, and is currently engaged in research on the history of legal education and the legal profession, and aspects of criminal justice


Mr White’s research has ranged across immigration, nationality and citizenship; criminal justice; damages; and legal system. He has recently published a history of the Dundee Law School under the title Dundee Law 1865-1967: the development of a law school in a time of change, and is now undertaking research into the wider history of the legal profession and legal education, and intp aspects of criminal justice .