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I have worked in academia teaching law in both further and higher education institutions for many years, but also possess considerable practical experience as a training and development officer, private client paralegal, and employment law clinic supervisor - communicating and dealing with staff, students, clients at all levels, so I am very much a ‘people person.’

I joined University of Dundee as a Lecturer in Law in August 2018. My teaching focuses on Scottish Contract law and Delict (wrongful acts), but having a firm interest in the development of legal skills education and mediation, I also lead on a ‘Foundations of Law’ module which provides a general introduction to the law and focuses on the development of ‘skills’ and techniques – particularly, communication and dispute resolution.

Previously, as an employment law clinic supervisor working in collaboration with Dundee Citizen Advice Bureau, I assisted students in supporting clients faced with difficulties in working relationships, experiencing unfair dismissal, undergoing grievance procedures, redundancy, or experiencing discrimination. On reflection of this experience, many cases brought to us were late in the stages of conflict and mediation would have been beneficial had they been dealt with much earlier.

I chose to further my interest in mediation and desire to assist others in dealing with disputes, by undertaking and successfully completing the accredited mediation training with the Mediation Partnership in June 2019. Thereafter, I became involved in a mediation project at Dundee Sheriff Court. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to join the University’s EDR Team in August 2020. I look forward to assisting and supporting staff and students to manage and deal with conflict situations and workplace challenges they may be faced with.


Nicola is particularly interested in legal education and pedagogy with a strong focus on blended learning and technology enhanced learning.  

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