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Capt. Eng. Mohammad AlShamsi is the Head of Firearms and Toolmarks section at Dubai Police. His PhD research focuses on Quantitative Measurement of Toolmarks on Bones and Cartilages to improve the adoption of toolmarks examination and identification on bones and cartilages by forensic labs internationally.

AlShamsi is a member of numerous international associations such as the Association of Firearms and Toolmarks Examiners AFTE where he is the point of contact for the Middle-East and West-Asia region and the first Firearms and Toolmarks Examiner to achieve all AFTE certifications outside of North America in the World FA/TM/GSR-AFTE.

AlShamsi was an Adjunct Faculty member at numerous academic institutes for Bachelor’s and Master’s students in Forensic Science Ballistics and Advanced Ballistics course within the UAE and out; he has lectured and trained more than 3960 attendees in events and training courses since the beginning of 2017 to date.