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My research revolves around the application of Earth Observation methods to extract information relating to terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. Highlighted projects include RUK-funded research on the impacts of disturbance (from logging and climatic perturbations such as El Nino) on previously logged tropical forests in SE Asia by exploiting data from both hyperspectral and hyperspatial sensors to monitor forest recovery (particularly forest biomass and ecosystem functioning). Other RUK-funded research includes the GloboLakes project which is combining state-of-the-art retrieval of water quality variables from satellite sensors, coupled with observations of catchment properties, to map and understand spatial and temporal patterns in the changing status of over 1000 lakes across the globe.

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I have a varied teaching portfolio, which includes undergraduate teaching on modules relating to Biogeography and Remote Sensing, as well as MSc teaching on research design and project planning.


Aerial shot of Sabah Forest

Press Release

Actively restored tropical forests recover above ground biomass faster than areas left to regenerate naturally after being logged, according to new research led by the Universities of Dundee and Aberdeen and ETH Zürich.

Published on 13 August 2020