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The University of St. Andrew's, Scotland employed Maeve as a research assistant in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Public Policy in the summer 2018 from which she gained insightful information on the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the female entrepreneur.

Professionally trained as a Qualified Solicitor with the Law Society of Ireland, she has gained valuable practical experience in a variety of legal research disciplines from High Court Medical Negligence Actions to Supreme Court Appeals in Banking and Commercial Law. Having worked for 12 years as a Trainee Solicitor at Augustus Cullen Law, Wicklow, Ireland and as a Legal Executive / Manager / Qualified Solicitor with Margaret Roche Solicitor, Wicklow, Ireland, she has gained a diverse and varied research experience. 

The inter-disciplinary nature of her research is enriched having completed professional qualifications with the Law Society of Ireland in Intellectual Property and Information Technology and Family Law, and a Higher Diploma in Entrepreneurial Studies with The Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, University College Dublin.

She has also worked as a Consultant Business Advisor to a branch of Enterprise Ireland in the East Coast of Ireland bringing her legal knowledge to Start-Up Companies whilst also working at the Law Firm.


Medicines Monitoring Unit & Hypertension Research Centre (MEMO), University of Dundee is collaborating with Maeve on a Clinical Trial Research project for which is hoped will be published in a leading journal.

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Lecturer (Teaching and Research) at University of Dundee Intellectual Property Law and Medical Healthcare Law & Ethics

The Law Department, School of Social Sciences, University of Dundee employs Maeve to lead and teach on the Intellectual Property Law Module delivered to Years 3 and 4 Law Students and to LLM Students.  In addition to this Maeve is the Lead Module Organiser on the LLM in Medical Healthcare Law and Ethics.  She teaches on three modules:  Introduction to Law and Ethics, Legal Aspects to Healthcare Law and Legal Research Skills.  Maeve is also involved in a research collaboration project with MEMO, School of Medicine, University of Dundee.