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I work as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Language Studies, Umeå University, Sweden. In my previous research with Dr. Roger van Gompel, we have studied the syntactic representations of bilinguals (Kantola & Van Gompel, 2011) and anaphoric reference in discourse (Kantola & Van Gompel, 2015). In my current research, I was awarded 2017 together with Dr. Roger van Gompel an ESRC-funded project that is designed to investigate syntactic priming - the finding that speakers tend to re-use syntactic structures that they have recently perceived instead of producing new ones. The project employs Dr. Laura Wakeford as Postdoctoral Researcher and involves a series of experiments on syntactic priming and lexical boost that will be carried out both in Dundee and at Ghent University in Belgium.

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I am available for media commentary on my research.

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  • Psychology