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Josephine Ross is a senior lecturer within Psychology. Her research and teaching area is Developmental Psychology. She is particularly interested in the cognitive and social consequences of developing a sense of self.


Josephine's primary research interest is in the development of self-awareness. She is interested in approaching this topic from a number of different perspectives, including those of cognitive, social, comparative and cross-cultural psychology. She is also interested in researching related socio-cognitive capacities, such as the development of theory of mind, meta-cognition, morality/prosocial behaviour, and executive function (particularly memory and self-regulation).

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  • Year 2 Individual Development
  • Year 3 Developmental Psychology
  • Years 4/5 The Development of Self-Awareness
  • Years 3-5 Ethics in Psychological Research

Media availability

I am available for media commentary on my research.

Contact Corporate Communications for media enquiries.

Areas of expertise

  • Art and design
  • Psychology


Children on sheet with pots of paint
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This project looks at the impact arts participation can have upon the social well-being of young children and how shared art experiences may help to build strong attachment relationships

Published on 20 April 2020