Dr Henry McSorley

Principal Investigator and Lecturer

Cell Signalling and Immunology, School of Life Sciences

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James Black Centre


Parasitic helminths effectively subvert the host’s immune response, through the release of immunomodulatory factors. These factors suppress immune responses which would otherwise result in parasite ejection, and have potential for use as treatments for immune-mediated diseases such as asthma. Our research focuses on identifying the molecules and molecular pathways by which parasitic worms modulate the host immune system, and developing these findings towards new treatments for human immune-mediated diseases. By discovering how parasites affect the host immune system, we may be able to better combat these important human and animal pathogens, and learn more about the fundamental biology of the immune response. 

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Research interests

Immunological interactions with helminth parasites


Award Year
Major Personal Funding Awards / Wellcome Investigator Award 2021