Dr Graeme Ball

DIF Specialist

Centre for Advanced Scientific Technologies, School of Life Sciences

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+44 (0)1382 385741


Previously I held a position as Image Analyst at the Micron Oxford Advanced Bioimaging unit.


I am a scientific officer specialising in image data processing and analysis for the life sciences ("Bioimage Informatics"): this is a relatively new field in computational biology, with links to the more mature disciplines of medical image processing and bioinformatics. I am working as the image analyst supporting the Dundee Imaging Facility

In the past I have worked on problems involving image restoration, tracking, quantification, statistics, automation, and the processing of super-resolution data. This has involved using a mix of open source tools (e.g. Fiji/ImageJ, OMERO, CellProfiler, R) and commercial ones (Imaris and Volocity in particular); as well as a variety of programming languages (especially MATLAB, java and python). In addition to giving advice about image analysis, help with software, and teaching, I also develop novel tools and techniques where there is a research-driven need. I am equally interested in the biological questions people are studying, and the techniques that will help them to answer these questions.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question. If you are based in School of Life Sciences you can find me in the main imaging facility area (MSI building, room 1L2-546).