Dr Claire Jones

Development Team Lead

Health and Clinical Services, School of Medicine

Claire Jones
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Since joining the Health Informatics Centre in 2012 I have been involved in the data management for the Scottish Medical Education Research Consortium (SMERC) and the Scottish Person Centred Interventions Collaboration (ScoPIC).

I am the lead developer of the Tayside Randomisation System (TRuST) providing randomisation and stock management for clinical trials managed by Tayside Clinical Trials Unit (TCTU).

Having previously completing the undergraduate degree in Applied Computing, I remained within the School of Computing, University of Dundee for 9 years joining the healthcare group as a research assistant/software developer focussing on the development of usable software tools to support healthcare research. The software I developed included mobile phone interventions, decision aids, information websites, web-based questionnaires and behaviour change interventions in areas such obstetrics, cancer, hypertension, dentistry and depression.

My research interests include:

  • Applying computing to healthcare related projects, working in multidisciplinary teams, focusing on user centred design techniques with early and continuous user involvement.
  • Empowering users through the creation of usable software tools thus removing the reliance of non-programmers on professional software developers.

Part-time PhD – The Exploration of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to facilitate the Creation of Interactive Health Communication applications.