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Professor Lang is a consultant cardiologist and clinical pharmacologist and Professor of Cardiology at Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, Dundee, United Kingdom.

He trained in both cardiology and clinical pharmacology in the United Kingdom and in the United States where he was a Merck International Fellow in Clinical Pharmacology at Vanderbilt University, Nashville and a Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University, New York. He is a Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of London and Edinburgh and the American College of Cardiology and European Society of Cardiology.

Public Engagement


Professor Lang is a translational cardiologist with a track record of research excellence in the area of cardio-metabolic diseases. He has published close to 400 papers in major journals, including NEJM, Lancet, Annals of Internal Medicine, Circulation, European Heart Journal and JACC.

His research takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the understanding of the pathophysiology and pharmacogenetics of cardiovascular diseases and to the development of treatment strategies in patients with cardiovascular diseases.

He leads an integrated cardiovascular research laboratory dedicated and equipped to the study of cardiac and vasomotor regulation. These techniques are applied towards translational research and in the development of biomarkers and novel treatment strategies in patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Prof Lang is WP Co-Lead in the €12.3M IMI2-CARDIATEAM project on diabetic cardiomyopathy and was WP lead in the €11.9M FP-7 BIOSTAT system biology project on heart failure and is the Chief Investigator of the BHF funded MET-REMODEL and RECEDE trials and the EFSD funded REFORM trial and Co-Chief Investigator of the NIHR HTA funded REACH-HFpEF trial.

He is also the lead Applicant of the MRC funded MRC UK-Malaysia Partnership on the Precision medicine for diabetic Individuals: a joint Malaysia-UK Effort (PRIME) project.

He is the UK National Coordinator of the multi-international COMMANDER-HF and SELECT trials. A wide range of funding bodies including the British Heart Foundation, MRC, NIHR, Chief Scientist Office, EASD, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Tenovus and the European commission Seventh Framework (FP-7) and Horizon 2020 Programmes funds his research.

Impact of Research

  • In the REF 2014, Dundee put forward two impact cases from Professor Struthers and Professor Lang on their research on BNP ( and Spironolactone ( Both impact cases were scored at the highest level of 4-star and helped the University of Dundee to be ranked first in the UK for ‘impact’ in Clinical Medicine.
  • Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WTHR) as a cardiovascular risk factor. His research as part of the International Steering Committee, representing Malaysia in the landmark INTERHEART study found that the markers of abdominal obesity and hip size (waist-to-hip-ratio) are far more predictive than body mass index.
  • Maintaining serum potassium in drug induced long QT syndrome. Working with Dr AnnaMaria Choy and Professor Dan Roden, their study demonstrated the importance of potassium ion repletion to 4.5 to 5 mmol/L in drug induced long QT syndrome. This work is cited as the supporting evidence in the recommendation of current American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology on the Prevention of torsade de pointes in hospital settings.
  • Use of population-based health informatics research to improve care for patients with cardio-metabolic diseases Using record linkage research of population electronic health records, Professor Lang’s research provided key observational evidence that the use of renin-angiotensin system blockers is safe and associated with better outcome in patients with aortic stenosis and that metformin could be used safely as an anti-glycaemic drug in patients with diabetes and heart failure. Each of these pieces of underpinning research contributed to the development of clinical practice guidelines internationally and helped the Food and Drug Administration in their decision-making and influenced prescribing practice. Rated as internationally excellent in REF 2021 UOA1 for University of Dundee
  • Impact the Department of Health’s guidance on e-cigarettes. Working with Professor Jacob George on the VESUVIUS study, their study provided key data that was used to guide the government’s tobacco control plan for England, Public Health England’s eighth and final report (Nicotine vaping in England: 2022 evidence update - GOV.UK ( Our data reporting the vascular effects of e-cigarettes provided rigorous, comprehensive and up-to-date piece work that helped demonstrate that nicotine vaping is far less harmful than smoking tobacco. This helped give reassurance to health services and policy makers that encouraging smokers who are unable to stop smoking to switch to these reduced harm products will benefit population health.
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Full contribution to teaching in Dundee, especially cardiology and clinical pharmacology. External undergraduate examinerships (National University of Singapore, University of Malaya, International Medical University, Malaysia, National University of Malaysia). Supervisor of 25 MD/PhDs personally. External examiner for PhD/ MD (Universities of Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Hull)

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I am available for media commentary on my research.

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Areas of expertise

  • Heart disease

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Professor Chim Lang may be based 7000 miles from his homeland of Malaysia, but he is always surrounded by reminders of home thanks to the Malaysian colleagues that work alongside him in Dundee

Published on 21 October 2020