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Argyro Kanaki, Lecturer in Education, University of Dundee, and an experienced language teacher, researches the field of language awareness. Competent in five modern European languages, and qualified as a teacher in four of them, her current teaching focuses on the pedagogy of modern foreign languages,  issues around culture, and debates in international education.


My research interests stem from a professional and personal interest in language learning and teaching. I believe that all learning and teaching is language based. There is a technical corner of the debate between that and other views of teaching and ways of understanding education which implicates L2 learning and teaching; some theories and strategies there are pivotal in deciding whether language teaching is a sufficient model for all teaching. I am working, and will continue to work, on that set of ideas as a research field.

Research Focus on: Language Awareness, Teaching and Learning of Modern Foreign Languages, Language in Society, 1+2 Approach, Second Language Acquisition.

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PGDE Primary/Secondary

MA: Lectures and workshops in Comparative Education, Teaching of Modern Foreign Languages and Research

BAPD: Tutor on two modules: “Leading Inquiry” and “Professional Practice”

MEd: Tutor and module leader on two modules: “International Education”, and “Dissertation”

Media availability

I am available for media commentary on my research.

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Areas of expertise

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  • Technology