Dr Alexandra Morel

Lecturer in Environmental Sciences

Energy Environment and Society, School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

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I am an ecosystem scientist interested in the interface of ecology and economic development, particularly understanding the ecological processes supporting agricultural commodity production and how it may be impacted by landscape, management and climate drivers. I have used satellite imagery to scale-up field data to landscape and regional scales. I am also interested in understanding the ecological underpinnings of forest resilience using a combination of paleo- and contemporary ecological methods.


My research is primarily interdisciplinary and my most recent work has focused on smallholder agroforestry systems in Ethiopia and Ghana. I have worked on questions of resilience and resistance of managed systems to climate shocks, how net primary productivity (NPP) varies between natural and managed systems and the role of biodiversity in supporting these processes. I am interested in collaborations and/or postgraduate projects relating, but not limited, to the following topics:

  • Landscape drivers of agricultural productivity
  • Nutrient cycling in natural and managed systems
  • Using functional traits to understand ecosystem resilience
  • Linking ecological understanding of rural livelihoods with urban migration
  • Combining remote sensing analysis and ecological modelling to assess landscape-level responses to climate anomalies
  • Developing long-term, community-led ecological monitoring programmes
  • Combining tropical dendrochronology records with contemporary forest productivity measures
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I am available for media commentary on my research.

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Areas of expertise

  • Water