Solar Energy module (RE41002)

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After completing this module you will have developed your knowledge of solar energy harvesting methods and how they can be converted in an efficient and sustainable manner to various useful forms of energy, particularly electricity. The role of solar as an established and growing component of global renewable energy provision is emphasised.

The aims of the module are as follows:

  • To review electrical energy requirements in countries with established and stable grids, such as UK;
  • To introduce solar as a major global grid-tied, and off-grid, source of renewable electrical energy;
  • To provide an understanding of photovoltaic science and technology · To apply fundamental principles learned in years 2 & 3 in understanding scientific and technological developments up to the present-day;
  • To introduce current photovoltaic research fronts, and to consider demands placed on competing technologies - cost-reduction, up-scaling, stability, life-cycle;
  • To present the principles, outline technologies and applications of solar thermal energy
  • To identify health and safety, environmental impact and sustainability issues consistent with topics covered.

Renewable energy industries within the UK and global are increasing. This module combined with other practical based module allows to work as an engineer in solar energy systems for example.