Exploring professional practice module (PN50142)

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SCQF Level:11 (Masters level)
SCQF Credits: 30 (15E CTS)
Total student effort: 300 hours

Available September

Target Audience

Any health and social care practitioner focused on developing their professional practice.

Mode of Delivery

This module is delivered both as face to face module and fully online.

A range of learning and teaching approaches will be adopted with the aim of fostering the development of student-centred, independent learning styles and collaborative, interactive approaches to learning. 

For the face to face delivery this will include lectures, master classes tutorials and group work. Action learning sets will be used to encourage students to develop self and group directed approaches to learning. Face to face materials will be supported with online materials using MyDundee and weekly blog activities.

For distance learning students, all materials (lectures, tutorials and master classes) will be provided using MyDundee. E-activities designed to encourage students to develop self and group directed approaches to learning will also be utilised including group e-learning activities, discussion boards and blogs.

Module Aims

The aim is for you to explore your career journey, reflecting on why you came into the health profession and the values that underpin your practice. You are encouraged to think about how this personal journey is influenced by the political landscape and culture of your home country. A range of tools are applied to help develop self-awareness and set new personal goals as you move forward in your professional career.

Module Overview

On completion of the module you will be able to:

  • critically analyse the values and beliefs that underpin your own professional practice
  • demonstrate cultural sensitivity by analysing and comparing your own values and beliefs with health professionals from different cultures
  • write a critically reflective professional biography
  • use the biography to construct a professional development plan to guide your studies and future career planning
  • demonstrate a critical awareness of politico, socio-economic and other factors that can impact on practice development

Assessment Strategy

Students  are required to submit a 3,000 written assignment. There are two elements to this:

  • A critical reflective biography aimed at increasing self awareness by exploring the student’s professional career development to date and identifying future career aspirations.
  • The second element is a personal development plan based on these future career aspirations followed by 4 – 6 SMART goals identifying the steps the student will take to achieve these.

Module eligibility requirements

A first degree in a health related subject.

Module Contact 

For further information, please contact the School of Health Sciences
Telephone: +44(0)1382 388534
Email: nursing-health-postqualifying@dundee.ac.uk


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