Exploring professional practice module (PN50142)

Critically review your professional practice to date and use this as a platform on which to build plans for future professional and practice development.

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The module will support you in exploring your career journey, reflecting on why you came into the health profession and the values that underpin your practice. You are encouraged to think about how this personal journey is influenced by the political landscape and culture of your home country. A range of tools are applied to help develop self-awareness and set new personal goals as you move forward in your professional career.

What you will learn

In this module, you will:

  • learn critical personal reflection (looking inwards) including self-awareness, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, learning styles and needs, personal professional values and beliefs, and action planning
  • critically reflect on your professional development (looking outwards), including professional codes of conduct, professional ethics, health policy drivers, intracultural awareness and sensitivity, practice development, and core skill development
  • develop digital literacy skills including literature searching and reviewing, critical reflection and analysis, self-directed learning styles, and collaborative teamwork

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • critically analyse the values and beliefs that underpin your own professional practice
  • demonstrate cultural sensitivity by analysing and comparing your own values and beliefs with health professionals from different cultures
  • write a critically reflective professional biography
  • use your reflective biography to construct a professional development plan to guide your studies and future career planning
  • demonstrate a critical awareness of political, socio-economic, and other factors that can impact on practice development

Assignments / assessment

  • written assessment 3,000 words with two key elements (100%):
    • critical reflective biography
      • aimed at developing self-knowledge
      • explore your professional career and development in the past and present, and identify your future career aspirations
    • personal development plan
      • based on your future career aspirations
      • four to six SMART goals identifying the steps you will take to achieve them

This module does not have a final exam.

Teaching methods / timetable

A range of learning and teaching approaches will be adopted with the aim of fostering the development of student-centred, independent learning styles, and collaborative, interactive approaches to learning.

For face-to-face delivery, this will include:

  • lectures
  • master classes
  • tutorials and groupwork
  • action learning sets will be used to encourage students to develop self and group directed approaches to learning
  • online materials
  • weekly blog activities

For distance learning students all materials (lectures, tutorials, and masterclasses) will be provided using MyDundee. E-activities designed to encourage students to develop self and group directed approaches to learning will also be utilised including group e-learning activities, discussion boards, and blogs.

Week Topic
1 Introduction
2 Self-Awareness
3 Learning Styles
4 Global Health
5 Beliefs, Values, and Ethics
6 Critical Reflection
7 Person-Centred care
8 Professionalism
9 Policy Drivers
10 Action Planning



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