Experimental and Professional Physics I module (PH31006)

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This module introduces real research, its challenges and how to approach them in preparation for your final-year project. In this module, you will gain the necessary experience in experimental physics and further develop your ability to communicate your knowledge professionally. 

You will learn how to measure and analyse data, understand the uncertainties and statistical meaning of a result, and address the challenges resulting in scientific endeavour. You will gain confidence in presenting your results orally and in written form, understanding the scientific literature, and preparing a competitive CV. 

Topics include: 

  • Performing experiments in optics, thermodynamics, semiconductor, gravitational, nuclear and particle physics using various equipment and diverse measuring techniques, learning to record your results and keep track of your work in a professional lab book. 

  • Understanding how to assess the statistical significance of your results and avoid 'pathological science', as well as to perform risk assessments before the experimental work. 

  • Fitting and analysing data professionally, using Python and MATLAB in the ways required by professional, scientific practice and industry. 

  • Reading, understanding, and critically assessing diverse examples of scientific literature. 

  • Independently learning a new topic and successfully presenting it to your peers.