Mathematical Biology II module (MA42002)

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Mathematics can be used to understand and predict the behaviour of biological systems. In this module, we build on many concepts introduced in MA32009 Mathematical Biology I and extend these to mathematical models that use partial differential equations (PDEs). PDEs are advanced mathematical structures that enable precise modelling of complex systems. You will apply these to understand biological phenomena, including population dynamics, the patterns found on animals’ skin, and outbreaks of epidemic disease.  

Topics include:  

  • Mathematical modelling with linear and non-linear PDEs  
  • Showing the existence of travelling wave solutions and calculating properties of these.  
  • Investigating the mathematics of pattern formation.  
  • Using the properties of biological systems to build a mathematical model and interpreting the mathematical results in terms of the biological implications.  
  • Recognising the limitations of models and using conditions from biology to choose the correct solution. 


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