Scotland and the Wider World module (HY22006)

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  • Level 2
  • Semester 1
  • History - School of Humanities
  • Coursework 100%
  • Thursday evening tutorial available


Covering the period 1603-c.1939, this module explores Scotland's interactions with the outside world. Organised around cross-cutting themes like emigration, empire, trade, warfare, religion and identity, the module's primary aim is to understand how Scotland fitted into the broader British, European, imperial and global contexts. Particular emphasis is placed on assessing Scotland's contribution to developments beyond its borders, as well as on tracing the impact of international linkages on the evolution of Scotland itself. The module also seeks to deepen subject-specific and transferable skills, with curation of students' ability to analyse primary sources being a particular focus.


Professor Graeme Morton

Teaching staff

Dr Allan Kennedy, Dr Alan MacDonald, Dr Michael Morris, Professor Graeme Morton, Dr John Regan and Dr Patricia Whatley


The module involved 22 one-hour lectures plus 10 ninety-minute workshops over 11 weeks. Workshop groups will normally involve around 25 students.


This module is assessed as follows:

  • Essay 1 (35%)
  • Essay 2 (50%)
  • Presentation (15%)


The module has no single core textbook, but useful background texts include:

  • T.M. Devine and J. Wormald (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Modern Scotland, (Oxford, 2012)
  • T.M. Devine, The Scottish Nation, 1700-2000, (Edinburgh, 2012)
  • G. Morton, Ourselves and Others: Scotland, 1832-1914, (Edinburgh, 2012)
  • C. MacDonald, Whuar Extremes Meet: Scotland's Twentieth Century (Edinburgh, 2009)

Access to reading is via the online Reading List.

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Indicative Content

Topic covered in lectures and workshops might include:

  • Demography in European context
  • Scotland and England to 1707
  • The Glorious Revolution in global context
  • Imperial experiments, 1603-1707
  • The Union and Jacobitism in international context
  • Scotland on the move, c.1680-c.1760
  • Scots and empire, c.1680-c.1760
  • Scotland and Atlantic slavery
  • The cultural memory of slavery
  • Scots and the making of Britain post-1760
  • Religion: the home and overseas missions
  • Diaspora: the world wide Scots
  • Workshop of empire
  • The Highlands: persecution and progress, clearance and famine
  • The Highlands: migration and emigration
  • Ireland and Scotland in comparison
  • Ireland and Scotland in the world
  • Scotland in an age of global crisis, 1914-39


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