Health and Safety and Environmental Management module (CE52002)

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In this module, you learn about the key pieces of legislation and management systems that apply to the construction sector regarding both health and safety and environmental management.

You will learn about the Health and Safety at Work Act and how it guides health and safety management activities in the workplace. You will also learn how the Construction, Design, and Management regulations have shaped the way in which planning and management of health and safety are conducted within the construction sector. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of the environmental management systems used by construction as well as legislation covering waste management. Finally, you will look at ways in which structures can be designed to be more sustainable with reference to legislation and UK building regulations.

  • Hazards in Construction – UK statistics; economic cost of accidents in construction; risk assessment, uncertainty, personal protective equipment.
  • Health and Safety Legislation – Health and Safety at Work Act, Construction, Design and Management regulations, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, RIDDOR other relevant regulations; CDM health and safety exercise.
  • Environmental Management Systems – integrated waste management; pollution and resource management;
  • Waste Management Legislation – the waste hierarchy; landfill disposal; energy from waste; composting; anaerobic digestion; recycling and re-use.
  • Sustainable Design – macro- and micro-environments; heating, including passive heat and solar heat gain; ventilation, including natural ventilation; lighting, including natural lighting; insulation; energy generation from structures.


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