Steel and Concrete Structures module (CE32006)

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Structures have to be designed and built in accordance with Eurocode design standards. This module introduces you to how the design codes apply to both steel and concrete structures.

The topics covered include:

Steel Structures:

  • Loading on structures, including dead loads, live loads, wind loading, and load combinations.
  • Beam – designing beams so that they have sufficient bending and shear resistance, and dealing with lateral torsional buckling.
  • Columns – the limiting factor on steel columns is usually the buckling resistance. You will learn how to calculate the strength of a column under both axial and bending loads.
  • Bracing – Steel framed buildings need to have resistance to lateral loading, and this is often provided by diagonal bracing.
  • Connections – The various members in a building need to be properly connected to each other, in particular beams need to be connected to columns. The requirements for these connections will be studied, including the design process for two of the most common types: fin plate and end plate connections.

Concrete Structures:

  • Loading on the concrete floor, including loading from the above steel frame.
  • First principles of design of reinforced concrete sections to bending, including singly reinforced and doubly reinforced sections.
  • Approximate method for the design of concrete flexural elements to satisfy deflection limits.
  • Design of flexural elements for shear, including detailing of shear reinforcement.
  • Rules for detailing reinforcing steel bars in the concrete elements, including curtailment requirements and anchorage.
  • Concrete slab – design a continuous concrete slab for bending resistance and deflection limits, detailing of reinforcing steel bars in the concrete slab.
  • Concrete beam – design a continuous concrete beam for bending resistance and deflection limits, redistribution of bending moments in the beam, and detailing of reinforcing steel bars in the concrete beam.
  • Concrete column – design a concrete column using interaction diagrams, detailing of reinforcing steel bars in the concrete column.


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