Introduction to Structural Analysis module (CE12006)

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In this module you will begin the process of learning how to analyse Civil Engineering structures – understanding the types of loads that structures experience, the way in which a structure reacts to these loads, and how structures remain in equilibrium. In short: why structures don’t fall down?

You will learn about the different types of supports and restraints that are used in structures, as well as develop an understanding of how different types of loads interact with structures. You will also learn how to analyse and calculate forces and moments in trusses and beams.

Topics include:

  • Forces and equilibrium
  • Cables
  • Masonry Arches
  • Trusses
  • Beams
  • Structural design

A series of hands-on team-based projects in which you will use unexpected and familiar materials to learn more about structural behaviour. Some examples include investigating the load-bearing capacity of chocolate bars and building a tower out of string.



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