Civil Engineering Project module (CE12004)

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The Level 1 Civil Engineering Project takes the form of a team-based design exercise to design a suitably strong bridge for a given cost. The project involves both structural theory – to provide you with the knowledge needed to devise a design – and hands-on testing of materials.
You will learn about the nature of different structural materials, and how to test materials to determine their engineering properties. You will develop an understanding of structural stability, analysis and design. The module stresses the importance of recognising that there are usually many different ways of designing a structure to achieve the same requirements, and looks at some of the ways in which different approaches can be compared to select the best one for a particular situation. You will also learn about the responsibility of Civil Engineers to balance cost against performance, safety and sustainability.

Topics include:

  • Conceptual design.
  • Analysis of trusses (hand/computer-based calculations).
  • Materials testing.
  • AutoCAD sessions covering the realisation of 3D digital models of bridge structures.
  • Preparation of a bill of quantities and costing of structures.


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