Communication in Professional Practice module (CE11003)

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In this module you will learn about the role of the Civil Engineer in society, as well as being introduced to some of the fundamental aspects of Civil Engineering – technical drawing, sustainability, and health and safety, and how all these aspects are communicated to the many people involved in a Civil Engineering project.
You will learn the fundamentals of technical drawing using computer-aided design (CAD) using the AutoCAD software package. You will learn how to evaluate the sustainability of a Civil Engineering project using industry-standard methods and conduct risk assessments of construction site activities. Additionally, you will learn about cutting-edge Civil Engineering projects in presentations given by visiting engineers.

Topics include:

  • Use of CAD software to draw key structural components, and how these can be assembled together to form parts of a structure.
  • Site visits to ‘live’ and recently-completed Civil Engineering projects with the Civil Engineers who oversaw their design and planning.
  • Talks by engineers on their roles in the Civil Engineering sector, with discussion of new developments in construction technology and design.
  • Calculation of the embodied carbon (’carbon footprint’) of structures from their drawings, using the Institution of Civil Engineers method.


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