Research Project: Biomedical Sciences module (BS41007)

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Building on your project experience at Level 3, you will expand your research experience by participating in a semester long research project based around one chosen area of the current world-class research in Life Sciences.

Depending on the type of project chosen, you will learn advanced practical techniques and/or enhance your data interpretation skills, analysis of current literature, scientific writing and communication skills. All students will enhance their skills in planning and time management.

Main types of projects available:

  • individual lab based research - you will carry out research into a current topic allied to and within a research group in School of Research School of Life Sciences research complex, James Hutton Institute or Medical Research Institute at Ninewells.
  • group lab based research - In groups of no more than four, you will plan and carry out investigations into a current area of research. You will work cooperatively to carry out investigations and produce data but write individual reports.
  • dissertation with Data Analysis - A review of the latest scientific literature accompanied by analysis of a relevant data set. Typical types of analyses can include meta-analysis, bioinformatics and statistical approaches.
  • science communication - In conjunction with Dundee Science Centre or the communications team in the School of Life Sciences or the School of Medicine, you will prepare materials to communicate current research topics and techniques to a public audience
  • bio-business – you will work on a project relating to a biological or biomedical topic, exploring commercialisation, entrepreneurial or business development aspects. This project can include collaboration between an academic group in the School of Life Sciences or the School of Medicine and the Business School or Centre for Entrepreneurship.


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