Computer Systems 2B: Architecture and Operating Systems module (AC22005)

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Semester: 2


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About the Module

The aim of this module is to provide you with a broad understanding of modern computer architecture and operating systems. This module takes a unified view of the hardware and software which make up the major functional components of the computer. The integrated study of operating systems and hardware platforms gives a clear insight into the operation of the modern computer system. The module also includes an introduction to programming in C#, and some of the coursework exercises will utilise this.

Credit Rating

There are 20 SCQF points available on this module.

Module Timetable

Week Topics Covered
1 Introduction to module / Computer systems overview / C# programming.
2 The processor / C# programming
3 The processor / C# programming
4 I/O Methods and I/O Buffering
5 Computer Buses and Workstation Architecture.
6 Operating systems overview
7 Process scheduling
8 Concurrency
9 Concurrency
10 File allocation and disc scheduling.
11 Professional Issues, system security, distributed systems.

Assessment and Coursework

Coursework counts for 50% of the final module mark.
The final degree exam counts for 50% of the final module mark.


Title Week Given Week Due Effort Expected (hours) Value (%)
Introductory programming 2 4 16 16
Group report and presentation 5 7 18 18
Multi-thread programming 7 10 16 16

Reading List

All course material is available on My Dundee. This includes copies of lecture materials, practical exercises and assignments. The reading list for this module can be accessed from My Dundee and provides recommended materials for completing the module.


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