Scheuer Collection

The Scheuer collection is considered the only active repository of juvenile skeletal remains in the world

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The collection consists of over 120 individuals collected from archaeological and historical anatomical sources.

Some of the material is of documented identity however, most have been aged and sexed using the dentition and other metric and morphological evaluations of isolated bones. It is made up of complete and partial skeletons and isolated skeletal elements. The collection continues to grow with donations from individuals and institutions.

There are many on-going research projects investigating the neglected areas of skeletal development. These projects are producing some exciting and unexpected results that challenge established theories on skeletal growth and development.

The collection has formed the basis of four textbooks on developmental osteology. These are regarded as the primary reference resources for the identification of juvenile skeletal remains. The illustrations from the texts are drawn from specimens within the collection.

They are used in training courses in development osteology and research considering the juvenile skeleton. It is access by research groups from around the world to investigate a mix of research questions ranging from investigations of Hominin locomotion, analysis of fetal and infant skeletal paleopathology, to studies considering paediatric skeletal trauma.


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