Records Management

Information Governance provides advice and guidance on records management and promotes the efficient management of information in the University

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Records Management is the systematic and consistent control of records to ensure information is handled in an efficient and legally compliant manner.

For guidance on how long to keep information start with the Guidance on Retention. The University uses the JISC Records Retention Management guidance and business classification scheme to inform decisions on the retention and disposal of University records and information but the Guidance is a good place to start.

View information on the proper disposal of university information

The Information Governance team are happy to provide advice and assistance to all sections of the University on their records and information, regardless of format. Please contact us for more information.

Records Management Unit

Information Governance also includes the University's Records Management Unit which holds legacy physical records on behalf of sections of the University such as Finance, the People team and School Offices. Records are stored securely, retrieved as required by originating departments and disposed of in an efficient and timely manner according to agreed policies.

Example forms for the transmittal of records to the Records Management Unit or the destruction of records and information are available below:

To request retrieval of records held in the Records Management Unit or to discuss the transfer of new records, please contact Alan Coull.