Guidance on the proper disposal of information

Updated on 19 May 2020

This policy outlines the appropriate disposal method of information and records

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Hard-copy information

The appropriate disposal method is based on the sensitivity of the information

  1. Confidential/Private information (which includes personal information, business / financial information etc) – white bags must be used for the secure removal and destruction of confidential waste by Estates and Buildings.
  2. Open information – can be placed in green bags/paper recycling bins.

Electronic devices/computer hardware

All end of life computer hardware/mobile phones/USB sticks/portable hard disk drives or other electronic devices that have been used to store, process or manage any University information must be sent to UoD IT for secure destruction. Old computer hardware or electronic devices may not be passed on to individuals for non-­‐University use.

Confidential/private information should not be placed on unencrypted USB sticks/laptops/portable hard drives etc as a convenience. UoD IT can advise on the proper transfer, encryption and storage of electronic information.

See also the Disposal of all waste electronic and electrical equipment.

Determining what information should be disposed of and when

The University uses the JISC Higher Education Business Classification Scheme and Records Retention Schedules to inform decisions on the retention and disposal of University records and information. Records Management Services can advise on the application of this scheme locally.

Keeping a record of disposal

When records are destroyed it is good practice to keep a note of what was destroyed, when and under what authority. Records Management Services can provide advice on disposal processes.

Information with historical value/that should be part of the University’s permanent record

Archive Services should be contacted for advice prior to any disposal where information and records may be of historic value or should form part of the University’s permanent memory. Please seek advice prior to taking any action if you are unsure of the value of the information designated for disposal.


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