What equipment is available in a centrally-managed teaching room?

Updated on 7 July 2023

This is an overview of the type of equipment available in our bookable rooms

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Every centrally-managed teaching room on the main campus has a minimum specification of:

  • a teaching PC with a managed desktop, which any staff member with a UoD login can access
  • laptop connectivity and wireless presenters
  • display equipment appropriate for the size of the room, ranging from a large display monitor in the smallest rooms to a single fixed data projector in medium-sized rooms to twin projection facilities in the largest lecture theatres
  • a visualiser and/or whiteboard 
  • DVD or Blu-Ray playback

Microphones are provided where required.

Reporting issues with audio-visual or IT equipment

Contact the University Service Desk using Help4U to report audio-visual or IT equipment issues.

Reporting issues with cleaning, furniture, or fittings

Maintenance is carried out by Estates and Campus Services.

Contact the Estates and Campus Services Helpdesk to report any issues with cleaning, furniture, or fittings.


Battery-run clocks are available in all centrally-managed rooms.

Contact the Estates and Campus Services Helpdesk if a clock is not working.


Flipchart stands have been permanently installed in a selection of teaching and meeting venues

Schools are required to bring their own flipchart pens. 

Flipchart paper should be available in the rooms.

There are spare flipchart pads available at the Dalhousie Building reception desk.

Induction loop system

Induction loop systems for those with hearing impairments have been installed in the following rooms:

Tower Building

  • D'Arcy Thompson Lecture Theatre 
  • T8
  • T9
  • 1.36

Carnegie Building

  • Carnegie Lecture Theatre

Carnelley Building

  • Large Lecture Theatre 
  • Small Lecture Theatre

Fulton Building

  • J1 
  • F20

Harris Building

  • Harris Lecture Theatre

Matthew Building

  • 5013
  • 5014
  • 5015
  • 5016
  • 5017
  • 5018

Medical Sciences Institute

  • MSI Lecture Theatre

Scrymgeour Building

  • 1.08
  • 2.08
  • 2.12 
  • 4.01

Old Medical School

  • 2.03

Dalhousie Building

  • 1G01 IT Suite 1
  • 1G04 IT Suite 2
  • 1G05
  • 1G06
  • 1G10
  • 1G16 IT Suite 3
  • 1S01 Drama Studio
  • 1S05
  • 1S06
  • 1S08 Music Workshop 2
  • 1S19
  • 2G03
  • 2G11 Lecture Theatre 4
  • 2G13
  • 2G14
  • 2S02
  • 2S03
  • 2S11
  • 2S12
  • 2S13
  • 2S14
  • 2S15
  • 3G02 Lecture Theatre 1
  • 3G05 Lecture Theatre 2


Whiteboards are available in all centrally-managed rooms.

Lecturers should bring their own whiteboard pens. You can get them from your School office.

Please only use the correct non-permanent dry marker pens.

Other types of pens could mean the board is unusable until a specialist has cleaned it.

Please leave the whiteboards clean and ready for the next class.

Whiteboard erasers are in each room. These have peelable layers, which you can remove as they become clogged.

Contact the Estates and Campus Services Helpdesk for a new eraser when you use the last layer.