Suitable photographs for your student ID card

Examples of good photographs for your student ID card, you'll need to upload these to eVision before you arrive

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Check your student email for the invitation to upload your photo via eVision

We print all cards before students arrive, so they are ready for the start of semester, you'll get an email with details on when and where to collect yours.

The style of photo suitable for passport photos is suitable for your student card, you can even smile in it, however please do not digitally alter your image.

If your photo is not a true likeness of you, or you are finding it being rejected, you may have to pay £15 for a replacement card.


A clear head and shoulders photo of a student with good lighting
A clear photo of a student showing head and shoulders with good lighting
A clear photo of a student showing head and shoulders with good lighting
Student wearing sunglasses that obscure her face
Student with hair covering her face
Photo of a student very close to camera with parts of his head not visible
Photo of a student that is blurry and pixelated
Student photo with poor lighting meaning it is difficult to see his face
Photo of student standing next to another student
Student wearing baseball cap
Photo of student in bright daylight causing lots of shadows on his face
Student with excessive smoothing and filters applied to his face, usual eyes, and poorly brightened teeth
Photo of student with filters that give her a dog nose and ears, and stars

Good photos

  • clear photo of head and shoulders
  • face well lit
  • plain background 

Bad photos

  • hair over face
  • sunglasses
  • photograph too dark
  • distracting background or foreground
  • other people in photo
  • photograph too close
  • photograph too small / low quality
  • fashion hats
  • bright sunlight
  • fun photo filters
  • beauty filters / airbrushing 
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