Connect your gaming and streaming devices to StudentResidences wifi

Updated on 18 March 2024

Brought your wireless printer, Xbox, PlayStation, or Apple TV to University with you? Student Residences is one of our new superfast wifi networks and it exists in your accommodation only to serve these types of devices

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You'll need to use your laptop or phone to register your device, so make sure you've connected it to eduroam wifi already.

If you have a username that doesn’t include your ID number (students) or end with a number (staff), make sure you enter it correctly.


  1. Click Create a Device and give it a name
  2. Enter the MAC address (normally a 12 digit number separated by a colon such as 01:23:45:67:ab:cd) of your device
  3. Tick Enable Air Group if your device is an Apple TV or Wireless printer
  4. Click Create Device
  5. Power off the device for 2 minutes to allow the system to register it (we really do mean 2 minutes, go make yourself a cup of tea)
  6. Power your device back on then connect it to StudentResidences wifi
Register your device
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