Connect to eduroam wifi

Updated on 24 November 2023

Our University wifi network, eduroam, is available throughout our campuses. You'll also find eduroam at other academic locations in the UK and around the world, and can use your dundee login to connect.

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To connect to eduroam:

  • Go to your wifi settings, using your settings app or wifi icon in your notification bar, menu bar, or taskbar
  • Choose eduroam
  • Enter your full username and password

Use your full username


Make sure there is not a space after .uk, as this will prevent you from connecting.

  • On Android devices you'll also need to add in the Domain box, and check a few more settings (see below)
  • Accept the certificate request
  • You're connected

Android additional settings

Once you've entered your username and password, double check the following before tapping connect

EAP method PEAP
Phase 2 authentication None (if you have a Huawei device you may need to set this to MSCHAPV2)
CA certificate Use system certificates (this might not be an option on older models so don't worry if you can't change it)
Anonymous identity Leave this blank

Students living in University accommodation 

You may notice the StudentResidences network in your flat. This is designed for connecting games consoles, smart TVs, eBook readers, smart speakers, and other devices that don't support "enterprise wifi" (logging in with a username and password).

As this network is only broadcast in the residence buildings themselves, you should always connect your laptop or phone to eduroam for the best speeds and stability across campus.

Visitors and guests

If you are visiting from another university or college that uses eduroam, your login should work on our network too.

Otherwise, you can connect to _TheCloud wifi.

Terms and conditions 

The University of Dundee is a Home and Visited eduroam service provider. Students, staff, and visitors using eduroam at any of our campuses must comply with our acceptable use guidelines and the eduroam(UK) policy. Students and staff are required to remove the eduroam wifi profile from their devices once they've graduated or ended their employment with the University.