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Updated on 15 May 2023

Our superfast wifi network, eduroam, is available throughout our campuses. You'll also find eduroam in different places across the globe and can use your full username ( to connect

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To get connected you will need access to the internet.

Download and install the eduroam CAT tool from your app store or browser to set up eduroam on your device.

To connect your personal devices

QR code for installing eduroam wifi profile

To connect your iOS, Mac and Windows devices to eduroam, visit the University of Dundee’s eduroam webpage to install the wifi profile. Alternatively, you can scan this QR code.

New students

You can set up eduroam CAT before you arrive by visiting the University of Dundee’s eduroam CAT webpage.

Download the eduroamCAT installer for the University of Dundee ahead of time so that it appears as an available wifi network when you get here.

Ensure your full student username is entered correctly at login:


Using an Android device?

Before you can proceed with the installation outlined above on an Android device, please make sure that you have installed the geteduroam app which is available from Google Play.

  1. Open your browser and go to the University of Dundee’s eduroam web page
  2. Select your installer
  3. Log in with your University username and password
  4. Select Done

If you have a username that doesn’t include your ID number (students) or end with a number (staff), make sure you enter it correctly.


No internet access?

  • Go to your wifi settings, via your settings app or wifi icon in your notification bar, menu bar or taskbar
  • Choose eduroam
  • Enter your full username and password (on android devices you'll need to configure a few more settings)
  • Accept the certificate request
  • You're connected!

Using an Android device?

Once you've chosen eduroam, you'll need to configure a few more settings.

EAP method


Phase 2 authentication

None (if you have a Huawei device you may need to set this to MSCHAPV2)

CA certificate

Use system certificates (this might not be an option on older models so don't worry if you can't change it)


Anonymous identity

Just leave this blank

Settings for Android

Visitors and guests (non-University staff / students

You may be able to connect to eduroam wifi with your home credentials if from another University/College. Otherwise, you can connect to _TheCloud wifi by creating a free Sky account. Find out more.


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The University of Dundee is a Home and Visited eduroam service provider Students, staff, and visitors using eduroam at any of our campuses must comply with our acceptable use guidelines and the eduroam(UK) policy. Students and staff are required to remove the eduroam wifi profile from their devices once they've graduated or ended their employment with the University. List of eduroam participating institutions.