Rent Guarantor Scheme

Updated on 7 July 2023

We are aware that some students are experiencing issues when renting private accommodation which requires them to provide a UK-based guarantor.

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A guarantor agrees to guarantee the payment of your rent to a landlord/agent in the event that you cannot.

We are now offering a scheme where eligible students can apply for the University to act as a UK-based Rent Guarantor for rent payable under a Private Residential Tenancy.


To be able to apply to this scheme you must be:

  • a matriculated student on a full-time programme of study or research for the full duration of the guarantee period
  • not in debt to the University
  • making satisfactory academic progress on your programme of study (if a continuing student)
  • able to demonstrate to the University’s satisfaction that you have sufficient finances in place to meet the rental payments throughout the tenancy
  • able to provide satisfactory references from previous rented accommodation, if applicable

Note that applicants / new students cannot apply to this scheme until you have fully matriculated and confirmed attendance on your degree programme.

Eligibility of rental properties

The Scheme is available to properties offered under a Private Residential Tenancy in Scotland.

The property must be rented from a landlord who is registered with the council. If the property is considered to be a HMO (House in Multiple Occupancy) the landlord must also have a HMO licence from the council.

If the property is to be rented jointly with other people and is subject to a “joint and several” liability clause, then all named tenants must be eligible to apply to the Scheme and must apply successfully.

The landlord or letting agent must confirm that they will accept a standard agreement from the University of Dundee as a guarantor.

What is covered by the Scheme

If you apply successfully for the scheme, the University may act as a UK-based rent guarantor for your rent, up to a total of £800 per calendar month for a maximum of 12 months.

The guarantee will cover rent only. For the avoidance of doubt, the guarantee will not include responsibility for any other payments including but not limited to utility bills, costs for damages or legal costs.

How the Scheme works

You will pay rent directly to your landlord or agent in the normal way.

If you are unable to pay your rent, you must notify the University immediately at

If the University is required to pay rent on your behalf, we will invoice you for this amount and the debt will be added to your University account. Failure to make payments to the University can result in a range of sanctions including late payment fee(s) and discontinuation of your studies as outlined in our Debt collection policy for student fees and related charges.

How to apply

To apply for the Scheme, please submit a fully completed application form along with the following supporting documentation:

  • evidence of how you will be funding your living costs (eg. bank statements, sponsorship confirmation) as stated in your application form
  • if you have stayed in University accommodation, a Reference Letter from the Residences Office
  • if applicable, an official reference letter from your last private landlord
  • terms & conditions of the lease for the proposed property, including dates of tenancy, confirmation of all prospective tenants and details of the property
  • confirmation that the landlord/agent will accept the University of Dundee as a guarantor

Once you have submitted all required information the University will review your application and provide you with a decision within one working week.

All communication with students will be via email, and to their email address.

All decisions for eligibility are at the sole discretion of the University.




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